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Love Mates of TheLastEra || The real love story

Rahi And Kanika ~ The Love Mates !!

Age ~ 18 And 17.

Bhopal, India

The Beginning!!

The two love mates never know,  that how they both will meet each other, how they will come so close that they will not be able to live without each other.

So our story simply begins just as a good friends , we meet each other in school – Bonnie Foi, in 11th class

We know each other through friends of friends. we studied the whole year in the same class then also we were just friends a normal hii, hello were the mode of communication between us, as it was our 11th so we were preparing for our comptetive  exams and for the purpose of studies only we use to talk to each other, sometimes kanika use to behave like drunken girl as she use to enjoy and taunt every student of the class all use to ask “ki kanika aaj bhang pi ke aai hai kya”.

Many times this thing happens that sometimes she use to be very serious about her studies, and what to tell about me i use to go coaching instead of  school many a times and i only go to school to cover my attendance.

Like this way our 11th passed and then comes the 12th

The turning point of every students life, our whole class were engaged in studies for the competitive exams and then our farewell comes, i had gone to farewell but kanika didn’t came, as she was so stupid and because of silly reasons she missed the farewell but i enjoyed it with my friends. Then comes the final board exams, we got the same center for exam, we had just a normal hi-hello. then comes the most dangerous competitive exam that time we were preparing for the exams now the exams were over. we were free from everything now it was the time for results,  of every exam we prepared for.

first came the 12th result , in which i hope that I will not pass in one of the subject , but i passed all subjects and there kanika who was hoping for good marks got the marks not according to her hopes.

As because of the studies in 11-12th class, she was not having my number but i had and it was by chance deleted,  but after exam result one of my friend called me for her number but as it was not with me so i with some means got her number. Then after some day’s when I was busy in my sister marriage she somehow arranged my number and called me and I was so surprised and happy but the reason behind that call was-

for what = for asking the result !!

Then at that time we got each others numbers,  then we got connected to each other through social media that is whatsapp, in the begining we use to talk on group of our school friends, that time we have just normal talk, then talking for many days we started flirting with each other as the start was from kanika, whole night we use to talk on whatsapp.

After that both got admission in colleges, i got in TIT college and she got in RGPV.

Then in the first year as there was less stress of studies so we use talk to each other for long time even in night without our parents knowledge.

The Story Of Love Mates starts!!! 

Then one night while talking, i asked that “kanika why you use to talk to me for such a long time”, then she replied that “because i like u” it was just for fun we both know, then the whole night we didn’t sleep as sometimes she become serious and sometimes i become serious it was very weard feeling, then i finally just as a joke asked her that u like me or not tell me the truth” then she said that she need some time.

At the end she was really serious and i was in full mood of enjoyment.

so the next day she finally said “yes i like u”

as i was in mood of fun, and i understood that she was not,

And i don’t want to hurt her because she was like my best friend so i asked my college buddy pooja that what i do next so she told me that tell her the truth so i told kanika that- “sry kanika but i am not interested in any kind of relationship right now because of my past (some persnol reasons)”.

She cried whole night and in the morning she said ohk we will be just good friends.

Then from that day we just started to talk whole day and night but just as a best friends.

Educational Workshop In Manit.

I was busy in my college life then one day she told me that she is going in a robotics workshop, Then don’t know why but i also asked that can i join u, she replied ya sure and she asked her friend that can we take an other college student in our team and managed to convince her friend, but on a day of form submission in my college the same workshop announced so i decided to make a team of my classmates including my buddy pooja.

Me and my team decided to go by booking a cab but the condition were like that-“puri kaynat hum dono ko milana chahti thi”. My team decided to go by thier one accept pooja so i told pooja that i will pick her up. And then suddenly kanika asked me that can we also we means she and our common friend akansha with thier scooty,  so we planned to go all along.

On the day of workshop we reached manit before the time so we just started chit chat and then pooja told that she wanna learn to ride the bike so i told that i can help in this and i started teaching her and suddenly kanika also told that she also want to learn how to ride a bike but her legs were so small that it cant reach the ground while riding the bike so i camed very close to her and started teaching her and by then i got very weird feeling which i never felt before. Then workshop started and we use to pass coment and crack some normal jokes.

By that time pooja and kanika became friends and they both tied up and beat me just for fun and like wise we enjoyed so much on that workshop even on 2nd day while returning to home kanika was sitting on on my bike and gave her scooty to my friend vijay and pooja.

This was the start of my love for her but even i didn’t know that we are gonna be love mates.

A trip with friends!!

After Sometime we planned to go “Sair Sapata –  a place for Love mates”  with our friends, thier we enjoyed so much even i let her drive my bike and we captured many photos, we also went to dam and a natinol park – Van vihar, but she liked one place of sair sapata very much that she again wanna go thier again and again and just talking about that only. Then we went to boat club thier we all hired one self boat so kanika and i decided to paddle the boat in a lake and at the same time our to friend who were just sitting in front of us started pulling our legs by passing comments like the two love mates and all. That day i really enjoyed and obviously she also enjoyed because she was with her crush.

The Love Proposal !!

After that we came more closer to each other, and even i started feeling something something for her.

Then on day i asked my online fb friend – Sunny bundel to help me in this matter, i sended him a pic of her and even told him about his nature and other stuffs !!

He told me one thing that i can never forget in life and that was the main reason I & kanika became Love mates.

He told me that ~ “Forget the past and look towards your Future” ,he said she is a fanatic girl and he loves you unconditionally she can change your life and help you forget your past.

Then on a occasion of “diwali” i got admitted in hospital due to Migraine attack and i got almost 4-5 hours to think what to do next, Actually during that time lap i was just thinking about her and finally decided to propose her.

In the night i called her as usually we do to talk, and then i told her that i have one gift for her she asked what,

I asked her do you really love me, she asked why are u asking so..

i replied because i also love you, she remains silent for sometime,,

and then asked again that are you serious to confirm,

then she also said ~ “I Love You My Love Mate”

That was my best decision I ever took, and i am now very happy to have her as my love mate.

We are the soulmates of each other heart’s.

    • 7 years ago

    Vivek am saying u this Is a very bst story ever……a heart touching story I wish for ur wonderful & great life????

      • 7 years ago

      tynx bro

    • 7 years ago

    It’s a lovely story dude.. . Really gud 1… Be ready for more feedbacks…. . I jst wish for ur better future ahead.. Hehe.. Haha.

      • 7 years ago

      thnx for your support

    • 7 years ago

    Really…it was fantastic story Always stay happy nd together Mere “Laila Majnu”Luv u both..

      • 7 years ago

      Thank u pagli

    • 7 years ago

    Fantastic story brother. ..????
    I apparently know most of the characters which. you mentioned here .
    I just wanna know one thing . Isn’t it a real story or just a story. You know what I mean to say ..????
    Waiting for ur reply brother ..????

      • 7 years ago

      First of all thanks for your feedback, Bro actually it is a true and 100% real story of my life.

        • 7 years ago

        So be ready for que ans round tomorrow.
        I want to know more then .????????

          • 7 years ago

          ya sure bro

    • 7 years ago

    This story is fantastic , it is a heart touching story.
    We just want to know what happened further

      • 7 years ago

      Thanks & ya sure, will write further if i get more feedbacks.

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