5 good TV shows on Amazon to watch in April 2021


Not sure what to watch on Amazon next month? Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices? Here are 5 TV shows on Amazon to check out.

The full list of arrivals can get overwhelming. After all, there are more than 110 titles joining Amazon Prime Video. There’s another 40+ coming to IMDb TV just to add more selections on the list.

There is something for everyone when you look at the list. Whether you want horror or a documentary, there is at least one TV show to check out during the month.

It’s time to breakdown the list, though. Cut out the overwhelm with this list of best TV shows on Amazon to check out throughout the month.

Best April TV shows on Amazon


The first on the list is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the month. Lena Waithe and Little Marvin’s Them is heading to Amazon Prime Video this month. It has a feeling of Us and Get Out, and is certainly something for those who adore horror and period dramas to check out.

When a Black family moves into an all-white neighborhood in the 1950s, it’s clear that there are going to be problems. But what if those problems aren’t just from the neighbors? What if there’s something dark and supernatural in the house?

Watch the series on April 9.

Frank of Ireland

Prefer a comedy? Want something to take your mind off the problems in the real world? Amazon’s got you with Frank of Ireland. The Irish comedy follows a 33-year-old man who thinks the world owes him. He’s a fantasist and views himself as a hero.

When his mom kicks him out, she hopes it will help him turn his life around. What’s he going to do instead?

Check out the series on April 16.

Moment of Truth

Michael Jordan has been through some tough losses. One of those was the murder of his father, James Jordan. While there was a conviction, there were also issues within the trial.

Now it’s time to go behind the scenes. Moment of Truth offers us some never-before-seen footage. For those who remember the trial or those who just love documentaries, this is a must and you can watch on IMDb TV on April 2.


For those who love horror TV shows on Amazon, you’re in a lot of luck in April. Creepshow is going to be available. This is one of those Amazon Channels samplings on the first of the month, so you can watch the first season of the Shudder series on Amazon Prime Video for free. The second season will be on Shudder from April 1.

Following the layout of the original 1980s series, this reboot offers plenty of horror-comedy in an anthology setting. Of course, the Creepshow Ghoul is there to narrate the stories.

Keeping Faith

Finally, one for those who love legal dramas. Keeping Faith tells the story of a female lawyer who is on maternity leave. When her husband suddenly goes missing, she needs to look into his cases and his personal life to figure out where he is, and a lot of secrets come out.

The first season is available on Amazon Prime Video on April 1 as part of the Amazon Channels sampings. You can watch the second season on Acorn TV, and the final season will premiere on April 12.

Which TV shows on Amazon are you watching this month? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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