5 TV shows and movies on Amazon to watch this week: Platoon and more


This week is a big one for shows and movies on Amazon. The first of the month drop arrives, bringing plenty of content to check out.

There is still a movie from the March releases to check out this week, but the majority of the releases are coming on April 1. You’ll want to look back at some of the March releases to get through the start of the week if you’ve got little to do.

When it comes to the first of the month, there are releases for all interests. Whether you want an old-school rom-com or you’re interested in a movie about the Vietnam War, Amazon has you covered.

The list of shows and movies on Amazon this week can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve cut it down to just the top five picks.

Platoon and more TV shows and movies on Amazon this week

The Ghost Writer

We’ll start with the release from March. On Tuesday, March 30, The Ghost Writer drops on Amazon Prime Video. It stars Ewan McGregor as Ghost, a ghostwriter who agrees to write the biography of one of Britain’s Prime Ministers.

As he starts to uncover secrets, his life ends up at risk. What did happen to the previous ghostwriter and what’s going to happen to him?


The rest of the list involves shows and movies on Amazon arriving on Thursday, April 1. The first on the list is Platoon, the 1986 movie that focuses on a group of men during the Vietnam War.

While the first part is about their training, it does get into the horrors of the war and the things that soldiers saw and experienced. If you’ve not watched it yet, check it out this week.

Anna Karenina

What about if you want a good period drama? Amazon has you covered with the release of Anna Karenina. Starring Keira Knightly, it follows a married woman with a young son who meets Count Vronsky while she visits her brother.

There is a mutual attraction between the two of them. However, it’s not a story that can end happily. This chance meeting leads to grief and tradegy.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Need a rom-com? There’s nothing better that Four Weddings and a Funeral this week. You’ve likely seen it already, but it’s a great one to put on when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

The story follows a man who discovers his true love while at a friend’s wedding. Can that love blossom over the course of more weddings and a funeral?

Keeping Faith

The last option on the list is a TV series. There are a few Amazon Channels samplings coming on Thursday, April 1. One of those is Keeping Faith Season 1 from Acorn TV. You can watch the second season on Acorn TV and the third and final season premieres later this month.

Keeping Faith follows Faith Howells, who has to figure out what’s happened to her husband when he suddenly disappears. And of course, she becomes the prime suspect in his potential murder.

What are you watching this week? Which shows and movies on Amazon are a must for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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