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Logan hits screens & it’s much more that Wolverine & Hugh Jackman

The much awaited movie-” Logan “of the month has finally made it to the big screen. And needless to mention Hugh Jackman has yet again appeared with an splendid and roaring performance. For me, Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine. He is the first person that comes to my mind when I think about X-Men. But all good things come to an end and so does Jackman’s appearance as Wolverine. He has been remarkable in every film, and I am sure Logan will be marked as his best performance ever.
But Logan is much more than just Hugh Jackman. The movie holds great deal of drama, delima and action! A team effort by the production team!

Logan Written and Directed by James Mangold

James Mangold has directed some of the best movies like Walk the Line and Cop Land but the two Wolverine films are his best and you have to admit it. He has made a superhero film which has family drama and violence both in single package.


The movie is Rated R due to violent scenes

The scene where Wolverine fights Wolverine is one of the best fighting scenes in the movie but has lot of blood which many people with faint heart can’t bear

Lover’s Era Team has taken review and it was so good.

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End of Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

Patrick Stewart has played the role of old Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, and he has done it with perfection. He did not disappoint the franchise lovers this time too, as he showed the same care and affection towards Logan. But like Jackman, it was his final appearance as Professor X.

Dafne Keen gave a memorable performance

She is the one who holds the key to the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed a young girl who’s just 12 years old who peforms such a brutal role with perfection.

The Plot

The movie is based on the comic ‘Old Man Logan.’ Most films run in flashback. But plot in this movie runs eight years ahead. This will be Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s last movie with X-Men franchise. And more importantly, it is darker than any other Wolverine movie.

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