Wonder Woman 1984 and more coming to DVD this week


Wonder Woman 1984 is the biggest of the DVD releases this week. Here’s a look at all six movies coming to DVD on March 30.

As we close out March, you’re possibly looking at the movies and TV shows you can get on DVD and Blu-ray. There are no TV shows this week, but there are six movies that are worth checking out.

The biggest release is going to be Wonder Woman 1984. While it received mixed reviews at the time of it coming out on-demand and on HBO Max, it is still an enjoyable movie for many. There’s no doubt that you would like to add it to your movie collection, especially if you loved the first Wonder Woman movie.

While it’s the biggest offering, it may not be the one that you want.

55 Steps, The Toll, and more coming to DVD this week

If you’re looking for a drama, 55 Steps is going to be something to consider. The movie actually came out in theaters in 2018 and it’s taken this long to get to DVD.

Helena Bonham Carter and Hilary Swank star in this movie about a lawyer who is a perfectionist. When she takes on a new client who is under psychiatric care, the two women realize that they need to change flaws in their personalities.

If you’re looking for a thriller, The Toll is the movie to watch. It follows a socially awkward driver and a weary passenger who head on what should be a normal destination. However, they end up hunted by a supernatural threat.

Need a comedy-drama? Our Friend is going to be worth getting. Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson play a young married couple who receive devastating news. Casey has terminal cancer and they need to deal with making the memories they promised when they had her whole life. Jason Segel stars as Dane, Matt’s friend who helps them during a time of despair.

DVD releases on March 30

  • 55 Steps
  • A Perfect Planet
  • Another Round
  • Our Friend
  • The Toll
  • Wonder Woman 1984

What are you getting on DVD and Blu-ray this week? What are you looking forward to coming to DVD? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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