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‘YOU’- Netflix Web Series


YOU is a web series streaming on Netflix. The Genre is described as Psychological thriller and Crime drama for this web series. The story is taken from two novels You and Hidden bodies written by Caroline Kepnes. This web series has 2 seasons till now, each season has 10 episodes.

The story moves around a bookseller Joe Goldberg in New York. The boy has a family background in which his mother left him in childhood and he himself killed his father in a very young age. He had full of innocense and he used to see all the things around him, all the good and the bad and while growing up he made his mentality in the way he saw in his childhood.

When a child doesn’t get desired love from his home then he search out for love. In the whole story this boy searches for true love while working in the bookstore. He changed cities also to get away from his past. He had done many crimes also to remove all the obstacles which come in between him and his love.

He focuses more on human psychology, due to which he escapes most of the time from the problems. He never include people with him in his plans, which prove to be safe from danger. He never trusts fully on anyone either his girlfriends or anyone, which sometimes ruins his relationship. He always analyse from his previous mistakes and never made those mistakes again. He make full proof plans though every time they are same but he never get caught. He acts so genuine that nothing happens, his face expressions are so convincing that no-one can understand what happened.

He make a glass cage everywhere he goes, in which he puts the people who create problem for him and end with them by killing them in the cage. But in the second season he made a person out from the cage and never wanted to put anyone in it again and never wanted to kill anyone in that cage again.

His all girlfriends has absence of something in their life and this guy too had absence for love in his life due to which both gets attracted to each other. With every girl friend, he wish to fulfill all her desires unless he is just a bookseller but then also he always tried. Every girl he meet, she had her own secrets. And this guy don’t like secrets.

He has not shown as a hacker who hacks and get information about her girlfriends, but he gets information through their social accounts like facebook and insta or through their laptops.

This guy how so ever has a negative role but also a positive role, as in first season he cares for his neighbors son Paco. He do all what he can do for him. In the second season he helps the landlord sister, because of this sometimes he gets in trouble but he never reveals what he did for them to others. He does everything silently and with perfection.

In the initials of the season it is shown that he never trusts any one , but as the season moves on two the second season he started trusting on the people and that also never betrayed him. He always needed a clean and very comfortable life where there are no obstacles between him and his beloved, but this never happens. He always thinks that whatever he does is good, this impact of thinking is because of her mother teachings in his childhood.

In the last this guy end up all this with marrying his last girlfriend who changed him and she is also like him in some manner. More or less she is different from all his girlfriends as she cares for him and earlier every time this guy has to care for his girlfriends more. She makes him a good person at the end. But this story will continue as now the guy has an eye on their neighbor, who is seen writing something in the end.

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