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Romantic Things To Do For Couples In Shimla, 9 romantic things

Himachal Pradesh has unparalleled splendour that makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. And the capital of the state, Shimla by all means lives up to its reputation. The place boasts of being irrevocably magnificent and rich with the bountiful nature, superb architecture dating back to the colonial times and the brilliant sight seeing spots in and around the city that  makes it a romantic’s paradise. So, if any Romantic Couple are looking forward to spend a romantic vacation in Shimla to do some romantic things, Then you need to make the best of this place to make your holidays even more unforgettable. Here’s how.


1. Take long romantic walks together to do romantic things.

The power of a simple and humble walk with the one you love cannot ever be undermined. And then when it is the intimidating Shimla, with its profuse natural beauty all around, a small walk is all you need to rev up the romance.

The Ridge

The ridge is a vast open space running from east to west of Shimla. It is ideal to take long leisurely walks with your sweetheart forgetting all the worries of the world. The grand view of the snow capped mountains it offers makes it even more alluring.

Walk down to Taradevi temple

The walk is soothing and the company pleasing. With every step you take together towards this ancient temple located at a short trekking distance of 4 km at a hilltop, you will find yourself binding even closer. The heavenly enviroment just does that to you.


2. Witness the romance lurking in the wild.

The dense forests, the mellifluous birds and the enigmatic beasts, all are perhaps out of a fantastic fairy tale full of romance and love. It is hard to express in words but only when you visit these sanctuaries will you understand what an enchanting, almost bewitching effect it has on your relationship to make it even more romantic and stronger.

Dharanghati Sanctuary (the romantic thing of the era)

150 km away from Shimla, this sanctuary was established in the year 1962. It is spread over an area of 167.40 sq. km and is counted as one of the top tourist destinations of Shimla.

Himalayan Nature Park

Situated in Kufri, 19 km from Shimla, Himalayan Nature park is the home to some very rare animals and birds of the mountainous region; like the barking deer, musk deer, monal, pheasant etc. Just watching these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat will make you warmer from inside.

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