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Taylor Swift Lost Twin Sister finally found…

Taylor Swift is a 21-year-old Oberlin College student from Rockville, Maryland. She studies politics and Hispanic studies, plays field hockey and lacrosse, and teaches swim lessons for kids. She doesn’t really sing all that often.

You’re probably like… what? No, Taylor is a 26-year-old country singer-turned-international pop superstar who loves her girl squad, cats, and red lipstick.

But actually, Taylor swift (the student) and Taylor Swift (the singer) are two separate people who just happen to share the same name. Even crazier? Taylor and Taylor are second cousins.

we chatted with Taylor swift (the student) to find out what life is like when you share your name with one of the most famous people on the planet.

When did you first hear about the “other” Taylor Swift?

Taylor: In third grade, my friends asked me if I’d ever Googled taylorswift.com. I just did it for fun and I found out that there was a singer — this was before she was famous. Two years later, my dad said, “Did you know that you actually have a cousin with the same name as you?” Her dad is my dad’s first cousin, so we’re second cousins.

Taylor Swift Yes! The one who broke the records with her ‘Love Story’ song. You too have heard it, right? So we have a special surprise for her. Some thing from her childhood. Just hold on your breath because this gonna be a singer’s biggest family reunion *wink*. Meet the twin sister to Taylor Swift. We were so astounded as well. Infact we thought her to be Taylor.

Oh but she isn’t. And the greatest twist is that she isn’t her sister. And neither is this a family reunion. She is April Gloria. A look alike to Taylor Swift that you can’t distinguish the two…at least not untill you have the two of them in pictures.


What was the worst reaction you’ve ever gotten?

Taylor swift: Normally, I can laugh it off, but the worst joke that I ever got was when I was depositing a check at a bank. I was lifeguarding that summer, so it was not a very big check, and the guy said, “Oh, with a name like yours, I would think you’d be depositing more.” I just had no idea how to react to that one. The one thing that kind of bothers me sometimes — even though I joke about it, too — is when people are like, “Oh, she’s not the real one.” It’s like, “OK, I’m still a real person!”

  1. So she is the ‘Love Story’ girl!
taylor swift


2) You tripped? me too.

taylor swift sissy

3) She is april gloria, and she is the second taylor swift

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